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    9 June at 08:13 from atlas

    The Burnside is an 18 watt Two-Rock version of the wide panel tweed circuit and combines the dynamics and touch sensitivity of a vintage tweed amp with the modern clarity of a Two-Rock. The Burnside will instantly give you that classic vibe and feel with the comforts of new reliability. This amp features a pair of 6V6's, GZ34 tube rectifier and a 12AY7 in V1, or you can swap this tube with a 12AX7 to increase the gain. The front panel control layout features a bright switch and a user friendly control layout: GAIN, TREBLE, BASS and PRESENCE. One of the great features of this amp, much like vintage tweed amps, is how the tone controls react. At any volume the gain is dependent on how hard you are attacking the strings, and when you turn the bass control all the way up the bass gets that horn like trombone low end.

    This amp features a passive effects loop as well as a vintage constructed, paper layer-wound transformer that is a larger upgrade version featuring 4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker outputs. The amp chassis is finished in an elegant bronze color with cream lettering and we've made a departure from birch to pine cabs for more of that vintage vibe. Covering is available in limited edition lacquered black tweed in either a head with matching 1×12 Cabinet, or a 1×12 combo configuration.

    Well I have been lucky enough to have the last couple days off and have been playing the amp almost non stop since I picked it up, so thought I'd give you some first impressions and a spoiler alert I have been blown away.
    Customer feedback 20th Sept 2018
    First up, it's definitely a loud 18w. Or maybe just a large sound. I wondered if it was the pine cabinet, but it really seems to resonate which has added so much throaty and thick punch to my Strat it's really transformed it.

    I've been playing mostly on the standard channel, just using a mix between the treble and presence to boost or cut high frequencies as I wanted and that's worked well. I'm blown away by the note articulation which my DR would lose definition with. Also the bright channel really transforms the amp in to something else - brings a tonne of detail to each string sound but it is pretty bright, had to back off tone a bit.

    Volume wise I don't think it would have the headroom to play really clean with a loud band, but for a blues/country style group in a smaller venue I think it would. Turning it up to noon, as expected amazing break up…really incredible and then diming it out it's a hell of a sound.

    Takes pedals really well, I've run trem, verb, delay, OD through it all sound really nice.

    Overall completely happy with it and I know things will only improve once the speakers breaks in. I thought initially I would be continuing to use my DR for clean tones, but this amp completely puts the DR to shame in terms of cleans as well as dirt. There is just so much more of everything in the sound. Love it.



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