15 June at 09:10 from atlas

     Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits has played, recorder and toured using Tone King Amplifiers for over 20 years, a fantastic testament to the quality and tone of these amps.

    This Sky King Amplifier is Made in USA to NZ's power source specifications. It is quality, vintage tone. A boutique amplifier meeting and exceeding Studio quality, Gig expectations and Bedroom dreams.

    Vintage takes flight with warm, organic quality of a genuine vintage amp with the huge, 3-dimensional sound of a modern, high-end. For those familiar with Tone King models, the Sky King combines the chunky, old-school vibe and touch-responsive feel of the Falcon with the voicings, flexibility, wide tonal options and features of the Imperial - all in a larger format for a bigger sound. A pentode/triode switch gives you the option of a crisp, present sound with a fast attack, or burnished, bell-like tones with depth and resonance.

    Fully hand wired, which extends the sound into a new dimension, the hand wiring scheme gives this amp an especially intimate, tactile feel. Built-in Ironman attenuator adds tremendous functionality and value - and the Ironman in the Sky King has dual attenuation controls (lead and rhythm) to perfectly meet your needs.

    Tubes: 6L6GC (x2), 12AX7(x4), 12AT7, 5U4G

    Output Power: 35W

    Speakers: 1x12 Celestion G12M65 Creamback

    Footswitch: Channel Switch and Tremolo

    Reverb: Tube Driven Spring Reverb

    Tremolo: Tube Driven

    Attenuator: Ironman Attenuator Built In

    Weight: 48 Pounds

    Size: 24" x 12" x 18"


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