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    15 June at 09:13 from atlas

    Mark Knopfler's Amplifier of choice for 20 years.

    Twenty years of research and development have been engineered into the new Imperial MK II to capture the best of authentic vintage tone while offering a number of useful new features. Handwired Board Construction By providing optimal component placement and wire routing, the new "handwired board" layout delivers real sonic advantages:

    Thicker, beefier tone with more character and focus, and really lively dynamics.

    Smoother, silkier high frequency response - more "chime" and less "glassiness".

    Mids are chunkier with more harmonic complexity.

    Plenty of presence and "air" without sounding overly "bright".

    Very low noise floor. Built-in AC line filter eliminates interference from computers and electronic devices.

    Ironman II Compensated Power Attenuator

    Tuned reactive load

    Volume Level Compensation circuitry progressively modifies the EQ curve and compression at lower attenuation settings. This means that the sound you hear at low volume is just as fat and present as it is at high volume.

    Damping Factor Compensation circuitry allows the speaker to act more naturally at low power. This prevents the speaker from feeling "stiff" at low volume - it really feels like you are playing a cranked amp, even at bedroom volume.

    New Features:

    Attenuator Bypass Switch - The new Attenuator Bypass Switch helps you match the volume level of clean and overdriven sounds. When this feature is enabled, the attenuator is automatically bypassed (turned off) when the rhythm channel is selected.

    HF Compensation Switch - This switch modifies the operation of the attenuator's compensation circuitry, allowing you to tailor the compression, presence, and brightness to your listening environment.


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