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  • 0 Martin 000-28EC Eric Clapton Acoustic

    Hi Malcolm, Just wanted to follow up and tell you how happy I am with the Martin you sourced for me. It is an excellent guitar, and has satisfied my acoustic blues itch that I needed scratching. But what I would most like to highlight is your customer service and ability to promptly organise a quote for a guitar you did not have in stock, but you made it so easy to make a decision to purchase it. I do not regret the purchase. And I am absolutely sure I will be back to buy another guitar from you in the future. It is truely a service that is not rivalled or matched in our small country. I would be honoured if you used any photographs of my guitar on your website or your Facebook page for promotion if you would like to do so. Once again, thank you, Harvey

    252 KB • JPEG Image • 21 September 2019


    Hi Malcolm, Just thought I'd let you know how much I'm loving the Falcon. From wailing away in the lounge with the attenuator dialled right down while my son was asleep in the next room, to band practice last night (blues/rock) where the Falcon received unanimous praise. I mentioned to you that I was using an Egnater Tweaker (15watt, with the same valve makeup as the Falcon); not a bad amp by any means, but the Falcon is much easier to dial in a great sound (I love the simplicity of it), is much more responsive to the guitar volume & pick attack and almost makes the Egnater sound like a solid state amp by comparison. I've seen comments describing the Falcon as "creamy, chewy, syrupy" - those are exactly the words I'd use and the fact that you can get those tones and that feel at any volume (with the attenuator) makes it just perfect. Mike

    565 KB • JPEG Image • 2 June 2016

  • 00 TONE KING SKY KING - Black

    By the way, the Tone King Sky King is amazing! One of my best amps and I have a few - Dr Z Maz 18, Marshall JTM (hand wired, NOS componentry), 65 Amps London, Rivera Fandango, Fender Deluxe Reverb (hand wired, NOS componentry), THD Bi-Valve, Vox AC30 (original 1965). Certainly the best clean platform amp I own. My guitarist friends all comment on how well it cuts, but has a warmth that DRRI and Twins just don't have. And it takes pedals incredibly well. Nice job, and thanks! Mark

    574 KB • JPEG Image • 30 September 2015


    2 weeks ago I decided to sell my 1960 VINTAGE GIBSON Les Paul Custom Black Beauty Guitar and as I'm now living in South Africa and my guitar was in New Zealand I needed to go online and find someone to sell it for me. I found 'Guitars Rock' and got an almost immediate response to my email from Malcolm Kirk of 'Guitars Rock' who said he could help me. When the guitar case was opened 50yrs of lying under the bed and not being used hadn't been kind to it and he promptly sent me photo's of the problems. Malcolm wasn't put off by this though. He started looking for a potential buyer, and as he has many contacts in U.S.A. and N.Z. he decided to try the U.S.A market first and in a short time found someone who was interested. After careful negotiations with the client Malcolm came up with a figure that we were both prepared to accept. If you are looking to buy a new guitar or sell your old one look no further than Malcolm from 'Guitars Rock' Well done Malcolm. Derek, Sth Africa

    353 KB • JPEG Image • 12 September 2015


    Hi Malcolm, been playing my Gibson Les Paul Studio Pro pretty much non stop since picking up. Just enamoured with it, Thank you so much for all the donkey work, could'nt have been simpler, absolutely hassle free for me. Inspired me to learn a new tune, Powderfinger by Neil Young. Thanks again, Bill.

    338 KB • JPEG Image • 19 October 2014


    I just love both Axes. When I got home Jane asked me - "Did you buy a guitar?" and I said....."No..........I bought 2" and I showed her the Tele first and of course she liked it - then I pulled out the case for the PRS - She said - "Why did you get this one too?" and I opened the case, she took one glance at it and went..."I can see why you got this one too, it's fantastic" I've been just switching back and forth from one to the other for the past 2 hours. Can't wait til our next jam. The neck on the PRS is REALLY Short! - It plays so cool - the frets are massive - it's so easy to rip solos on.....I can't get my brain around it. and the Tele is just so classic. Love it too. Dave

    308 KB • JPEG Image • 28 July 2014

  • A Fender American Standard HSS - Sienna Sunburst

    Hey Malcolm, She has arrived!! Thank you so much. Packed very safely and this plastic case is great. The guitar is a beauty, havent plugged in yet but even unplugged she sustains like a grand piano, so nice! And the wood grain is perfect. Cheers, Josh Christchurch

    374 KB • JPEG Image • 21 January 2014

  • A Fender American Standard Strat - Sienna Sunburst - ASH

    Gidday Malcolm, Firstly we are both very glad that we bought from you I really believe in supporting people who are passionate about what they do.... and you were most helpful. We both will enjoy and it will stay in the family - when I can afford it I will be back to grab a gibson as well.. I have a mate who definitely will be in the market in the next month or so and will pass your details. If you do get a chance to go the troe reunion concert you will see it up on stage with the old man playing. FYI he said that the guitar really tunes all over the neck very well which is unusual for a strat so that was good news and I am really happy with the tone.... So again thanks heaps and hopefully I will be back sooner than later to get the next one..!! Cheers Courtney

    342 KB • JPEG Image • 29 November 2013


    Hi Malcolm It was great to meet you on Saturday and pick up that amazing Strat. Im really pleased i tried the rosewood fret board and went with that one i absolutly love the sound. thanks for being so infomative and helpfull. How do you want me to send the feedback. Very very happy client. Regards Ray

    249 KB • JPEG Image • 29 November 2013


    Hi Malcolm Got back to Taupo today with the strat and tried it out straight away its great love it . Thanks for every thing you did your service is second to none, add that to your feed back if you like Regards Ray

    270 KB • JPEG Image • 11 March 2014

  • A Fender American Std Strat - Pearl Jade

    Hi Malcolm, I've got a grin from ear to ear a Cheshire cat would be proud of! She's a beauty! Those CS Fat 50's are FAT! I love the no-load tone control, just straight into the amp with no effects and I'm already writing songs, and when I kick in some delay, chorus etc, I'm in heaven. This is the guitar I was looking for 20 years ago but it didn't exist then, so I settled for an MIM Strat with the god-awful ceramic pickups, which was all I could afford. Just have to add, thanks for a great service and a spotless guitar that hasn't been hanging on a shop peg for years, occasionally getting pulled down and mauled by customers. ( I hate dealing with The Rock Shop, they never have anything in stock you want, and what they do have when you buy it, always feels second hand) So job well done mate, thanks for everything and I will recommend you to everyone. Cheers and Merry Xmas to you and yours regards Kevin (Cobbernz)

    308 KB • JPEG Image • 24 December 2013

  • A Gibson Les Paul 58 Reissue Plain Top

    I was able to purchase with a lay buy which helps with those impulse purchases. He has some fantastic guitars which put the local music stores to shame. Easily the best selection in NZ . Thanks ... Andy

    312 KB • JPEG Image • 29 November 2013

  • A Gibson Les Paul 59 Reissue Gloss

    Hi yes all is well thank you. Hope your fishing trip went well? Ha ha yes got a wee go with her over the weekend. Really just getting used to the controls and the tones you can get out of those pickups, I can't believe want a difference of playability it has over my existing guitars, I know they are poles apart but wow!! even I can tell!!! It's simply unreal. And it still takes a second when I open that case to take in the beauty of the 59. It really is a beauty and I thank you again for getting her in for me! I received your email with your latest guitars that arrived in, if it's no trouble to you I would like to stay on your mailing list cos well you never know aye. Haha. Thank you malcom All the best Nick

    329 KB • JPEG Image • 29 November 2013

  • A Gibson Les Paul 59 Reissue

    Malcolm went over and above what i expected of him. Genuine top guy was 110% helpful finding what i wanted couldnt ask for better service. Contacted me every step of the way and such a pleasure to deal with smashes any retail shop iv ever been in thanks a bunch i love my new family memder. You must deal with this guy you will not regret it Cheers, John

    261 KB • JPEG Image • 29 November 2013


    Hi Malcolm, Just a quick email to let you know that Matt is totally blown away by his new guitar! As expected there were a few tears when he opened it and it took him a few days for it to even sink in that it wasn't just a dream and that is was really his :) He got me to email the photos you sent me, to him at work so he can gaze at them while he is there and even took the guitar with him to work one day! He has been playing a lot more in the evenings and has been researching and playing around with a good set-up between the guitar and his twin reverb amp. So needless to say I couldn't be more thrilled with the purchase and how happy it has made him. Thank you so much again for all your help and I hope you are pleased to hear that you have VERY happy customers in both Matt and I. Best Wishes, Rosie

    398 KB • JPEG Image • 28 January 2014

  • A Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Hi Malcolm, I can't get over all the cool photos mate! You're a damn good sport s' all I can say. I swear man I've had the good luck to experience heaps of wonderful customer service over the years but but I reckon you win dude. I transferred the balance - she's all go. Cheers RikB

    385 KB • JPEG Image • 29 November 2013

  • A Gretsch 6128T Duo Jet

    hi malcolm, gretsch arrived chch lunch time today , didnt really expect it to be so fast, awsome, guitar ,perfectly finished, thanx very much, hope to catch up soon. mark dawson

    270 KB • JPEG Image • 29 November 2013

  • A Rickenbacker 330 Fireglo

    Hi Malcolm, it arrived on Friday arvo & I managed to finish early & get to the post office to pick it up. I have been playing it all weekend! It is an amazing guitar. So nice to play!! I am really happy with my purchase, so thank you. The sound is unbelievable, I am playing it through a fender twin reverb valve amp & Ive had the biggest smile on my face all weekend :) I decided not to apply under the Aust/USA free trade aggreement. It would have taken minimum an extra 30 days & I would have to prove that 100% of all the parts in the guitar were made in USA. I just wanted the guitar! Anyway, thanks again & all the best. I will give your cards out to some of the guys over here. Cheers Matt

    200 KB • JPEG Image • 29 November 2013

  • ACOUSTIC LA BELLA Phospher Bronze Strings

    By the way, got the La Bella's on my Larrivee this weekend, have used nothing but Elixirs on that guitar and I have to say, so far I'm pretty impressed! Steve

    239 KB • JPEG Image • 16 March 2014


    Lol No, I'm very slack getting my mail! Hey the strings are wonderful thankyou, I really should have got these a long time ago, my Ibanez sounds like a new guitar now of course! Cheers Renee.

    235 KB • JPEG Image • 2 March 2014


    I recently bought some La Bella's for my Fender Bass - the strings are amazing - easy to fit, smooth on the fingers and an awesome tone ! Malcom at Guitars Rock provided excellent service and communication and I will DEFINTELY buy from him again. James

    179 KB • JPEG Image • 25 March 2014


    Hi Malcolm, We put the new Bass strings on my Fender Jazz Bass last weekend and are very happy with the rich tones and playability. Nice, heavy strings with excellent resonance. Kind regards, Glenn

    195 KB • JPEG Image • 25 March 2014

  • Electric Guitar Strings LA BELLA Super Alloy 52

    Hello Malcolm La Bella are the oldest string makers in the world. This says something about value and Quality. La Bella was the string of choice of Superstars. Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. This is a glowing Testament to the tone of La Bella Strings above all others. The First choice of two of the best musicians the world has ever heard and seen. Their choice: La Bella Strings. My Humble opinion. If La Bella strings are good enough for Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. They are certainly more than good enough for anyone. Phil Randall March 25th 2014.

    168 KB • JPEG Image • 26 March 2014

  • Electric Guitar Strings LA BELLA Super Alloy 52

    Hi Malcolm I bought the Super Alloys 52....Great tone! Happy for you to use my comments on your web site. Cheers, Wayne

    166 KB • JPEG Image • 26 March 2014

  • Electric Guitar Strings LA BELLA Super Alloy 52

    Hi Malcolm, I have re strung a Charvelle which I used for slide playing with 11 - 52 La Bella strings. They are tonally well ahead of anything I have used previously and I intend to restring the rest of my guitars with La Bella's Although the 11 - 52's are quite heavy in comparison to what I've been using, what I was looking for was Tone. I have found that not only did they give me Tone in spades but also they allowed more flexibility for bending notes than I thought I might. They're amazing. I would imagine anyone wishing to get the tone inherent in blues playing would want to try LA Bella's. I was using them as a teenager way back when and they still sound fantastic. Regards Bill

    167 KB • JPEG Image • 10 April 2014


    Hi Malcolm Strings arrived today, installed them straight away & I'm really happy with the sound & feel. I'll be buying more of these!!!! best regards John

    166 KB • JPEG Image • 25 March 2014

  • Electric Super Alloy 52 Series

    Good morning Malcolm, I have tried the electric set on my Gibson 355 and found the following. Playing at quieter volume they were suitable......playing at louder volume they took on a new life and changed their tone and accent, reflecting my right hand input. This may sound a different way of describing them but I was more than happy with them when playing at a louder volume. I liked the slightly thicker E6 string which gave a more deeper tone/sound. Cheers Peter.

    168 KB • JPEG Image • 29 March 2014

  • LA BELLA Acoustic Phosphor Bronze

    I had a clients low grade Washburn acoustic which sounded very dull. I changed the strings to the La Bella set you sent me and, viola! - the guitar sounds great. Completely transformed tone wise. As advertised, the LA BELLA's are very balanced, nice crisp highs and a nice broad bottom end. Lovely

    241 KB • JPEG Image • 28 November 2014


    Awesome Melcolm. Yeah they're the best uncoated string i've tried for sure. I've used elixirs since about 10 years ago.. and tried heaps of different strings from boomers all the way to Blue steel.. These ones still got a good feel/sound after a week which for me is good. (i have very acidic sweaty hands which ruin strings). Joel

    181 KB • JPEG Image • 2 May 2016


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